Russ Nolan: Call it What You Want

Released 2015 

Russ Nolan - saxes

Mike Eckroth- piano

Brian Fishler- drums


The Gold Magnolias: Sail On Glamdog

Released 2015

Jangeun Bae: JB

Released 2013

Jangeun Bae- piano

Ross Pederson- drums


Sly5thAVE: Akuma

Released 2014






Andrew Hadro: For Us, the Living

Released 2014

Andrew Hadro- Baritone Sax

Carmen Staaf- Piano

Matt Wilson- Drums



Brad Whiteley Trio: Pathless Land

Released 2014

Brad Whitely- Piano, Organ

Kenneth Saulters- Drums


Professor Cunningham & His Old School

Released 2013

Adrian Cunningham-Woodwinds, Vox

Charles Caranicas- Trumpet

Jim Fryer- Trombone

Oscar Perez- Piano 

John Merril- Guitar

Rob Garcia- Drums

Yoshiko Saita: Blusette

Released 2013

Yoshiko Saita- Vocal

Kenny Werner- Piano

Oscar Castro-Neves- Guitar

John Riley- Drums

Dave Schroeder- Woodwinds

Toots Thielemans- harmonica

Janelle Reichman: Middleground

Released 2010

Janelle Reichman- Sax, Clarinet

Philip Dizack- Trumpet

Roy Asaaf- Piano

Anthony Lee- Drums

The Gold Magnolias


Noshir Mody: Union of Hearts

Noshir Mody- Guitar

Kim Garey- Drums


I Sell The Dead

Kait Dunton Trio: Real and Imagined 

Released: 4-28-2008

Personnel: Kait Dunton (Piano, Compositions)

                  Ross Pederson (Drums, Cymbals, and Rims)

                   Daniel Foose (Acoustic Bass)

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Jiri Levicek Trio: Returns

Released: 2-7-2008

Personnel: Jiri Levicek (Piano, Compositions)

                  Ross Pederson (Drums)

                  Daniel Foose (Acoustic Bass)

Brian English: Collage

Recorded: 1-10-2008

Jeff Taylor Featuring Shelley Carrol: Old School

Recorded: 8-18-2006

Personnel: Jeff Taylor (Trumpet & Vocals)

Shelley Carrol (Saxophone & Vocals)

Paul Metzger (Guitar)

Tony Paulos (Piano)

Daniel Foose (Acoustic Bass)

Andrew Griffith (Drums)

Shawn Pickler (Drums)

Brad Williams Five: The Vostock Record

Recorded: 7-8-2005

Personnel: Brad Williams (Guitars, and Compositions)

Clark Erickson (Farfisa Combo Organ)

Daniel Foose (Upright Bass)

Rob Avsharian (Drums and Cymbals)

Steve Clothier (Flute)

University of North Texas Recordings:

One O'Clock Lab Band; Lab 2006 

One O'Clock Lab Band; Lab 2005

UNT Combos: Counter-part: Jazz Chamber Vol. 1

UNT Combos: Fair Play: Jazz Chamber Vol. 2