Susan Hanlon: Louder Every Minute

Released Jan 2019


Victory Boyd: The Broken Instrument

Released June 2018

on Roc Nation Records

A Star is Born: Soundtrack

Release Date 10-5-2018

Performed on "LA Vie en Rose"



Brian Newman: Showboat

Verve Records

Released Nov 2018

Tony Bennett Celebrates 90

Released 2017

Performed with Lady Gaga and on the Overture

Winner of 2017 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album


Deanna Witkowski: Makes the Heart to Sing

Released 2017

Deanna Witkowski- Piano

Scott Laszky- Drums

Sarah Kervin- Vocals


Jon Foose: Points South

Released 2015

Jon Foose- Composer, Vocals

Daniel Foose- Bass, Producer

Chris McQueen- Guitar

Sean Fitzpatrick- Piano

Brad Whiteley- Organ

Keita Ogawa- Percussion

Dan Blankenship- Trumpet

Ryan Anselmi- Saxes, Clarinet

Jeff Barton- Drums


Ryan Anselmi: Movin' On

Released 2017

Ryan Anselmi - Sax/Harmonica
Daniel Foose - Bass
Whitney Lockert - Guitar
David Caldwell Mason - Keyboard
Jeff Barton - Drums
Steve Purcell - Aux. Perc
* Rich Polatchek - Trumpet on Jr. Walker, Movin' On and Chicken
* Anthony Cavallo - Bass on Drown in my own tears and Blue Line Shuffle
* Dave Storaz - Keys on Dr. Foose, Thank you Junior Mance and Spanky's

movin on .jpg

Ryan Anselmi: Lookout Road

Released 2017

Ryan Anselmi - Vocals/Woodwinds/Composer
Daniel Foose - Bass
Carmen Staaf - Piano
Jason Lawrence - Drums
Pat Penta - Mandolin
Sean Kiely - Guitar
Chris Hoffman - Producer/ Vocals and Cello on Wichita


Russ Nolan: Live at Firehouse 12

Released 2016

Russ Nolan - saxes

Mike Eckroth- piano

Brian Fishler- drums


Russ Nolan: Call it What You Want

Released 2015 

Russ Nolan - saxes

Mike Eckroth- piano

Brian Fishler- drums


The Gold Magnolias: Sail On Glamdog

Released 2015

Jangeun Bae: JB

Released 2013

Jangeun Bae- piano

Ross Pederson- drums


Sly5thAVE: Akuma

Released 2014


Andrew Hadro: For Us, the Living

Released 2014

Andrew Hadro- Baritone Sax

Carmen Staaf- Piano

Matt Wilson- Drums



Brad Whiteley Trio: Pathless Land

Released 2014

Brad Whitely- Piano, Organ

Kenneth Saulters- Drums


Professor Cunningham & His Old School

Released 2013

Adrian Cunningham-Woodwinds, Vox

Charles Caranicas- Trumpet

Jim Fryer- Trombone

Oscar Perez- Piano 

John Merril- Guitar

Rob Garcia- Drums

Yoshiko Saita: Blusette

Released 2013

Yoshiko Saita- Vocal

Kenny Werner- Piano

Oscar Castro-Neves- Guitar

John Riley- Drums

Dave Schroeder- Woodwinds

Toots Thielemans- harmonica

Janelle Reichman: Middleground

Released 2010

Janelle Reichman- Sax, Clarinet

Philip Dizack- Trumpet

Roy Asaaf- Piano

Anthony Lee- Drums

The Gold Magnolias


Noshir Mody: Union of Hearts

Noshir Mody- Guitar

Kim Garey- Drums


I Sell The Dead

Kait Dunton Trio: Real and Imagined 

Released: 4-28-2008

Personnel: Kait Dunton (Piano, Compositions)

                  Ross Pederson (Drums, Cymbals, and Rims)

                   Daniel Foose (Acoustic Bass)

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Jiri Levicek Trio: Returns

Released: 2-7-2008

Personnel: Jiri Levicek (Piano, Compositions)

                  Ross Pederson (Drums)

                  Daniel Foose (Acoustic Bass)

Brian English: Collage

Recorded: 1-10-2008

Jeff Taylor Featuring Shelley Carrol: Old School

Recorded: 8-18-2006

Personnel: Jeff Taylor (Trumpet & Vocals)

Shelley Carrol (Saxophone & Vocals)

Paul Metzger (Guitar)

Tony Paulos (Piano)

Daniel Foose (Acoustic Bass)

Andrew Griffith (Drums)

Shawn Pickler (Drums)

Brad Williams Five: The Vostock Record

Recorded: 7-8-2005

Personnel: Brad Williams (Guitars, and Compositions)

Clark Erickson (Farfisa Combo Organ)

Daniel Foose (Upright Bass)

Rob Avsharian (Drums and Cymbals)

Steve Clothier (Flute)

University of North Texas Recordings:

One O'Clock Lab Band; Lab 2006 

One O'Clock Lab Band; Lab 2005

UNT Combos: Counter-part: Jazz Chamber Vol. 1

UNT Combos: Fair Play: Jazz Chamber Vol. 2